Man Utd have hit the 2,000-point mark in the Premier League but they’re still short of all-time leaders Liverpool

Man Utd have hit the 2,000-point mark in the Premier League but they’re still short of all-time leaders Liverpool

They dominated the Premier League for years and they have the points to prove it.

Last weekend Manchester United went through the 2,000-mark in the English top flight since its Sky-infused rebranding in the early 1990s.

Juan Mata and Anthony Martial scored the goals to ease the Red Devils to a 2-0 victory over Watford at Old Trafford to ensure their club went through that substantial barrier. Their total is going to take some overhauling.

But remember… football did not begin in 1992 and, though some modern-day broadcasters would have you forget it, there was a life before Super Sundays and Soccer Specials.

And, with all that taken into account, United can no longer count themselves as top dogs.

You see, in the all-time top-flight points table, it’s their neighbours and fierce rivals Liverpool who still dominated.

And United? They only squeak into a Champions League place in fourth.

Since the inauguration of the Football League in the 1880s, Liverpool have racked up 5,486 points from 4,045 matches. The Reds have scored 6,671 goals and conceded a little more than 2,000.

They are 38 points clear of their nearest rivals – Arsenal – and 216 in front of fellow Merseysiders Everton.

Then come United, having played 355 top-division matches fewer than Liverpool, 254 points back.

The all-time points table for the top table in England makes for fascinating reading – with teams now languishing in the lower rungs of the pyramid able to cast their minds back to their glory days.

Blackburn, for instance – the champions in 1995 now divided under the rule of Indian chicken conglomerate Venky’s – sit 12th. Bolton, scrapping for promotion from League One this season amid boardroom spats and the very real threat of administration, are 13th.

Of the top 20, nine do not currently play in the Premier League – Aston Villa, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, Wolves, Leeds and Nottingham Forest adding their names to those of Rovers and Wanderers.

Sheffield United – five years a third-tier club – find themselves in 21st, having accrued more than 2,000 top-division points. How Bramall Lane must long for those days right now.

There is a League Two side in 29th – Portsmouth, whose well-documented fall from grace saw them lurch from FA Cup winners to basement boys in five short years. Another could soon be joining them, as well, with 28th-placed Coventry City fighting against the drop to the bottom division.

The lower down the 65-strong table you go, the more intriguing the names become.

In 55th sit Bradford Park Avenue – 62 years a Football League club before its liquidation in 1974.

Darwen – semi-finalists in the FA Cup in 1881, who haven’t played in the Football League since the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries – occupy 62nd spot.

And there’s little old Glossop North End, propping up the pile. The Derbyshire town, with a modern-population of a tad over 17,000, remains the smallest community to be represented in the English top flight.

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