Germany can rest their best and still dominate

Germany can rest their best and still dominate

A year out from the next World Cup, the Germans look imperious once more.
What the World Champions achieved this summer – winning both the European Under 21 Championship and the Confederations Cup while resting more than a dozen of their senior first-team squad – should strike fear into the hearts and minds of national coaches across the globe.
This was no ordinary double title-winning off-season, if such a thing even exists.
This was a bold, loud, coherent message to the rest of world football: ‘Come get us, we dare you’.
The list of players who spent their summers on beaches instead of in boots goes to show just how daft the depth of Joachim Low’s squad really is nowadays.
Indeed, he came close to resting an entire matchday 18 of top talent yet still saw his players see off allcomers in Poland and Russia.
Sure, the Confederations Cup is something of an exhibition tournament and, yes, the Euros are not always stocked with every country’s best Under 21s (England’s squad selection being a perfect example) but to be able to leave so many elite players at home and still dominate… it’s special stuff.
How would your team do without Neuer, Muller, Howedes, Reus, Gotze, Boateng, Gundogan, Ozil, Kroos, Khedira, Weigl and the rest?
Would you trust your kids to do the business in their place?
Would they have the cool heads and fast minds needed to see off a Chile side bordering on full strength?
Would they be able to negate a group of Spanish youngsters who have every hipster pundit salivating uncontrollably?
Be honest. Right now, no one does it quite like the Germans. Low has implemented a structure in the national development system which encourages every age group squad to follow the same methodology and strategy adopted by the senior side.
The result? When players graduate to the first team they know the systems, they know the shapes, they know the mindset required to win. To be the best. To dominate absolutely.
That dynamic is the envy of the world. It functions with ruthless efficiency.
Germany were surprise winners of both Euro 2017 and the Confederations Cup to many. To Germany it was another box ticked on the way to a World Cup title defence.
Their sloppy exit at Euro 2016 was enough for detractors to write off their chances in Russia next summer. That was foolish and way, way too premature.
Low and his team – perhaps that should say ‘teams’ – are coming to their peak just in time.
While many countries scratch around for a fully world class 23 to take to Moscow and Sochi and St Petersburg next year, Low will have a luxury of football riches to sift through.
No side has ever gone on to be world champions after winning the Confederations Cup immediately prior to the tournament.
The Germans are an excellent bet to send that stat to sleep.

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