5AM: 3 Reasons They May Not Win X Factor 2017

5AM: 3 Reasons They May Not Win X Factor 2017

5AM left quite an impression on the X Factor judges when the trio got four “yeses” from the judges and got Nicole Scherzinger dancing in her seat! So why do people seem to think they won’t last? Here are three reason why the group is rumoured to leave the show sooner than later:

  1. 5AM Member is a Professional Singer

According to The Sun, 5AM member Kieran Alleyn has quite a bit of professional experience under his belt. The 21-year-old artist has worked with world-famous popstar Beyonce, starred in the CBBC sitcom Dani’s Castle, and also presented a music show called Friday Download. Even though his professional career does not go against the shows rules, many do frown upon it.

  1. They Were Accused of Miming

The trio were one of the acts who were accused of using pre-recorded vocals during their audition! This has angered many audience viewers and it will most likely cause some trouble for the group in the Six-Chair Challenge where 5 of the 11 groups will be eliminated.

  1. The Artists Are Too Strong

This year 5AM is facing some serious competition. With solo artists like Matt Terry, Christian Burrows and Caitlyn Vanbeck, 5AM does not have much of a shot – not to mention the twin duo The Brooks who made a comeback this year.

This is why 5AM fans better not hold their breath. Will they rise of fall this X Factor season?


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