Can Jon Snow Be The Westoros Ruler?

Can Jon Snow Be The Westoros Ruler?

Perhaps one of the most asked (and some would say most important) questions in countess online forums and fan sites -Can Jon Snow sit on the Iron Throne and rule Westoros?

According to the opinions expressed online, Jon Snow should not be the ruler of Westoros. These views could convince you to change your mind about putting arguably the most popular character ever on the show forward for King status.

For one thing, the Iron Throne is considered to be cursed and those that sit on it, historically, don’t sit for too long. No one wants to see Jon Snow die (again).

Some argue that with the revelation that Jon Snow is not a Snow but rather a Targaryen/Stark, puts him directly in line for the throne, alongside Daenerys who he would probably need to defeat the Lannisters.

Would he make a good king though? Another great point noted is that Jon Snow is far too honest and decent to survive long-term in King’s Landing. Perhaps even more pertinent, the man’s communication skills leaves a lot to be desired and has gotten him into plenty of avoidably sticky situations (including being stabbed to death by his own men). Will he rise and take it all? We have yet to find out!

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