Brexit Secretary Warns MPs Against Altering Bill

Brexit Secretary Warns MPs Against Altering Bill

Brexit Secretary David Davis has warned Members of Parliament to leave the European Union exit bill unchanged when it is discussed once more in the House of Commons on Monday.

Some peers have requested for one significant change in order to outline that parliament gets a “meaningful” vote on any final exit plan, although some have panned the idea in order to execute a swifter getaway.

Davis said:”However they voted in the referendum, the majority of people now want the prime minister to be able to get on with the job. MPs passed straightforward legislation allowing the government to move ahead with no strings attached.”

In the event the Commons passes the bill without said change, it means Prime Minister Theresa May could trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty as early as Tuesday, effectively beginning the departure process in earnest.

However, May has said she’ll take the United Kingdom out of the EU even if some MPs don’t like the exit deal she is offered, meaning the rights of EU citizens living in the country will still be at risk.

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